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2022 Term 2COIT20248 Assessment


2022 Term 2COIT20248 Assessment 3

Due date:                    Week 12Monday(3October 2022) 9:00am AEST

Weighting:                  40%

Length:                       1,200 to 1,400words (word count includes all contents except the cover title page, table of contents,figures, and references)


Assessment 3 is a continuum of Assessments 1 and 2 and, thus, is also related to the same project case study (CQ Car Rental).

Required Tasks in This Assignment

Assuming that the waterfall model has been chosen for implementing the new system.Also assuming that, at the current stage of development, some programs have been written and are ready, whereas some other programs are not yet ready.Complete the following tasks and document your work in your submission:

  1. Testing:
  2. Among unit testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing, discuss and explain which of them is/are applicable at the current stage of development.
  3. Briefly explain the concept of black-box testing and white-box testing.
  4. In view of the situation that the new system at CQ Car Rental is internally developed, is black-box testing a feasible testing approach? How about white-box testing?
  5. In reality, it is infeasible to “completely” test the entire new system. Why?
  6. Since there are some new functions in the new system, users may not know how to use these new functions. In view of this problem, discuss some methods the project team can train users about the operation of the new system.
  7. In view of the business operations of CQ Car Rental, which system installation option should be used? Why? (Note: In this task, you are not allowed to select two or more options. Students who select more than one installation option will receive zero mark.)

Note:   In Tasks 1 to 3 above, you may include figures and/or tables to illustrate/support your answers, if you think that this is appropriate. Words in figures will not be counted. On the other hand, tables will be included in the word count.


  • This report should include at least five references with their related in-text citations. All references must be cited using the Harvard Referencing Style.

Assessment Criteria

Marks for Assessment 3 will be allocated as follows:

  Items    Mark  Result
Task 1
Discuss whether unit testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing is/are applicable at the current stage of development5 
Explain the concept of black-box testing and white-box testing6 
Discuss the applicability (or feasibility) of applying black-box testing and white-box testing to the new system5 
Why it is infeasible to “completely” test the new system?5 
Task 2
Different methods to train users about the new system6 
Task 3
Identify (with justification) the most appropriate system installation option for the new system5 
References (at least 5 references with in-text citation; follows the Harvard Referencing Style)4 

Assessment mark will be weighted to 40%.