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Elevator Pitches & Case Discussions


Elevator Pitches & Case Discussions

Value: 30%

Due Date: 18-Oct-2019

Return Date: 11-Nov-2019

Length: 1460 words +/- 10%

Submission method options: Alternative submission method


This assessment is primarily about ‘doing’ management work through structured online conversations. Your online conversations for this assessment involve critical thought about the knowledge gained in the subject and its practical application to solving real problems.

These management problems are posed within the subject topics, in two forms – elevator pitches and case discussion activities relating to mini case studies. You will be able to practise these activities in Topics 1 to 5. 

Assessable elevator pitches and case discussion activities commence from Topic 6. 

There are two parts to this task.

A.      Complete two(2) elevator pitch responses and two(2) case discussion activity responses, as follows:

  • two(2) elevator pitch responses from Topic 6 to 8 (5 marks each, total 10 marks)
  • two(2) case discussion activity responses from topic 7 to 11 (10 marks each, total 20 marks).

B.      Submit a complete package of your work through Turnitin by the due date.

Here are your guidelines for completing this assessment task.

Elevator pitch responses (5 marks each, total 10 marks)

Each elevator pitch must be completed in 130 words +/- 10%.

Elevator pitch responses involve critical thinking on the question and appropriate professional communication taking into account the context of the elevator pitch scenario.

References are not required and should not be provided.

Case discussion activities (10 marks each, total 20 marks)

Each case discussion activity has specific questions for you to address. Your response to the case discussion activity must be more substantial than the elevator pitch, demonstrating that you can apply knowledge from the topic in a critical way. There isn’t usually one correct answer to the case discussion activities; hence, the scope for critical thought. The maximum word count for each case discussion activity response is 500 words +/- 10%.

References are required: citations within the body of the text, and a reference list. At least two professional or academic references must be included.

Submitting your completed package

To complete this task, you must submit a complete package of your work by the due date in MS Word only. The complete package of you work must be presented in the following format.

  • a title page, showing the assessment number and title, the subject code and title, your name and your student number;

Part A: Elevator pitches: 

Elevator Pitches Elevator pitch for topic X Question:   My response. Posted on (date):   Elevator pitch for Topic Y Question:   My response. Posted on (date):    

Part B: Case discussion activity

Case discussion activities Case discussion activity for Topic X Case name:     My response to questions. Posted on (date):     Case discussion activity for Topic Y Case name:     My response to questions. Posted on (date):        

To successfully complete this assessment, you must  submit a package of completed work to Turnitin by the due date. 


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to reflect on and develop their own management competencies required for today’s complex, diverse and globalised workplace.
  • be able to research and communicate effectively and professionally in a variety of organisational settings.
  • be able to reflect critically on management issues such as ethics, sustainability, innovation & digital disruption and how they are shaping 21st century organisations.

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